Wild Turkey Gifts

Looking for the best Wild Turkey Gifts? Pompei Gift Baskets has the best Wild Turkey Gifts for all occasions. The nose is quite subdued, yet there remains a beautiful toffeyed sweetness. Notes of toasty oak and melted vanilla ice cream, a touch of zesty citrus and butterscotch. The palate is full and rich with notes of cigar box sweetness, pepper, caramel, or ‘carmel’ should I say? Notes of honey on granary toast with a little melted butter. The finish is long and rich with spice and toast notes. #1 Wild Turkey Gifts.

Wild Turkey Gifts

Wild Turkey Gifts

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California is known as an open-minded town loaded with history and being extremely friendly. They clutch a bottomless respect for traditions and commitment while evolving their craftsmanship and commitment. These beautiful traits are someone they embody into all their products and everything that they do. Bib & Tucker Bourbon is no exception with its warm, spicy, and lightly crisp scent. Pop open a bottle and enjoy! Like Angels Envy Bourbon Gifts? Order now!

Wild Turkey Gifts

For all bourbon or whiskey drinkers alike, this basket is the perfect gift! In a faux leather suitcase we feature a bottle of Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select along with salty nuts, crispy pretzels, silky chocolates, and other snacks! This Woodford Reserve gift basket is an elegant gift for a gentleman’s birthday or even as a bachelor gift. The container can also double as a briefcase, desktop paper holder, or as an actually luggage piece.




Bourbon is actually a type of American Whiskey; a barrel aged spirit distilled mostly from corn. It is unknown how this hard liquor officially received its name. Rumor has it that the name is ultimately derived from the French Bourbon dynasty but many believe Bourbon County, Kentucky or Bourbon St. in New Orleans, LA inspired this whiskey’s name. Although bourbon is sold throughout the United States, it is highly popular in the southern states; Kentucky being the most common.

Wild Turkey Gifts

The well-known bourbons would be Jim Bean, Maker’s Mark, and Wild Turkey. Other highly sought after bourbon like Angel’s Envy and Eagle Rare can be difficult to find in local liquor stores.

This spirit should be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or old fashioned with a dash or two of bitters and a sugar cube. The difference between whiskey and bourbon is that whiskey can be made from all over the world and fermented from grain mash – like rye, barley, wheat, and corn. Bourbon is derived from American whiskey and has to be produced in American with a 51% corn ratio. Although this spirit is made FROM whiskey, it has become its own spirit.



Wild Turkey Gifts

All of our single bottles are 750ml unless stated otherwise in the description of the product. Please be sure to read it. In the case of a listed vintage not being available, we reserve the right to substitute with the next current vintage of the same price. Any order placed after 3PM (eastern time) will be processed the next business day. If you are looking for a specific product that is not listed on our website – have no fear! We will try our hardest to locate this product for you. We accept all large corporate orders. Each and every item is gift wrapped and sealed with a bow, and a personalized card can be attached as well. Feel free to ask about our combined shipping rates. For any questions, concerns, or ideas please contact a concierge team member at 1-888-272-0220 or through e-mail at info@pompeigiftbaskets.com.