Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions

Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions

Looking for the best Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions? Pompei Gift Baskets offers great deals on Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions. Pompei Gift Baskets offers custom baskets, wine baskets, champagne baskets, liquor baskets , gourmets baskets, & single artisan bottles. Free standard delivery on all items! Looking to buy a family member, co worker, corporate gift, or friend an awesome gift? Get them a Pompei Gift Basket! They’ll love our original gift baskets with premium wines, liquors and spirits! Great holiday gift idea, and with free shipping! Looking for the best Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions? Buy now!

The essential tools accompany the product to help you gain mixology skills. A shaker to chill your martini, a jigger to measure out the perfect amount of product, a strainer so your drink won’t be on the rocks, and a stirrer to mix the final flavors. And of course, the mandatory olives – because it wouldn’t be dirty without the olives! Just for some extra flare, we have decided to throw in some cocktail onions as well. #1 Gift Basket Centerpieces Trust us, try it! For a perfect dirty martini measure out 6 ounces of Grey Goose Vodka, 1 dash of dry vermouth and 1 ounce of olives brine straight from the jar. Combined these ingredients in the shaker and add ice to chill. Once shaken, pour into a martini glass (or any glass really – we are not the fanciest people!) and garnish with some olives or onions. BOOM! You are now a level one mixologist. I scream, you scream, we all scream for.. MARTINIS!! Martinis are like ice cream, so many different flavors but always delicious. We like ours dirty. Grey Goose is created from winter wheat grown in the northern region of France. The same type of wheat is used in the finest French pastries and breads. This is where Grey Goose gets it’s clean floral scent with hints of citrus. A fresh finish with a bright, long, and satisfying finish makes the liquor a perfect combination for a cocktail. The rising sweetness and rich taste of almonds leave your palette feeling clean and refreshed.

Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions

Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions

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Gentleman: a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey by Jack Daniel’s is a premium version of their original whiskey.  Various grains, such as barley, rye, and wheat, are all different varieties of whiskey – a distilled beverage containing alcohol produced from a mash of fermented grain.  Grains, distillation, and the aging in wood barrels are characteristics that differ whiskey to whiskey. Because of the smoothness this whiskey owns, Such a Gentleman Whiskey Gift Basket makes a great gift for Father’s Day for Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, or Cousin!

Just like the wooden barrel it’s aged in, we’ve complemented Gentleman Jack in a distressed wooden chest. This whiskey gift basket comes complete with another aged favorite – coffee. Whiskey and coffee has been a drinker’s pair for generations. Although there is no written proof of who the first person was to add whiskey to their coffee (or coffee to their whiskey!) we do know it’s a slam dunk. We wanted to accent this combo by adding rich chocolates, silky truffles, and crunchy popcorn. You are sure to enjoy. Buy Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions.

Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions




Atlanta Liquor Gift Baskets

Handcrafted in small batches and displayed in hand-numbered glass bottles, we present to you Patrón! Skilled Jimadors, a Mexican farmer who harvests agave plants, work with a sharp tool (known as Coa) to harvest the finest Weber Blue Agave deep in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. Once agave is uprooted, the Coa is used to reach the heart of the plant known as the piña. Like the Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket? Buy it today! A gorgeous metal & wooden serving tray holds the little secret gem. Surrounded by crunchy biscottis, luscious chocolates, and a shaker, a bottle of Patron Silver Tequila sits. Margarita mix and other goodies try to hide the tequila but you are smarter than that. You know all the good things are in the middle. You can’t wait to dive in! Good deals Unique Gift Baskets For Clients.

An on premise compost machine and reverse osmosis system help produce the tequila base and recycle whatever part of the plant is not used. Sustainability. Once the piñas are soft enough, they are crushed so their juices are released. This mixture is then set aside for 3 days to ferment, distill and set in handcrafted barrels to reach a certain age. Patron is not just your run of the mill tequila: it is unique and some consider it to be a piece of art. Each and every Patron bottle is created from skilled glass artisans, right in Mexico. They are hand measured and molded using a percentage of recycled glass. The only thing about Patron that isn’t from Mexico is the cork. They are cut from the outermost layer of bark from cork trees in Portugal. There is only a certain time frame to make this happen.

Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions

Liquor Gift Baskets TN

One of the hardest decisions can be what to get someone for their birthday, a job promotion, or even the purchase of a new house. Let’s not even get into the stress of buying a unique wedding/engagement gift! The Executive Mini Bar Gift Basket will help take care of all of that. In a stunning wood and metal trunk comes ten assorted 50 ml shot bottles that can include vodka, rum, gin, liqueur, whiskey, and more. The brands that mare be included [but are not limited to] are Hennessy, Johnnie Walker, Absolut, Jack Daniel’s, Remy, and Grey Goose. Brands included in this basket depend on stock available at the time. Limited edition and rare/novelty 50ml bottles may be included like Outer Space Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, and Kah Tequila. Looking for Kosher Wine Gift Baskets?



Unique Gift Baskets For Auctions

50 ml bottles are also known as nips, airplane bottles, or miniatures. They are normally used as samples or for promotional purposes and are intended for individual servings. Usually found in hotel mini-bars, the micro liquor bottles are also found on trains and of course – airplanes. When the full sized (750ml) bottle is uneconomical or impractical, the mini alcohol bottles are used. These products are also sold as “gift sets,” meaning if the brand has multiple products, they will sell them together. This also allows the items to be compared. Occasionally mini bottles are sold with the corresponding glasses or a can of soda or juice for a cocktail. Just like 750ml bottles, 50ml airplane bottles are also collected by various people. Some may be apart of a club or society while others may collect just for a hobby. (Personally, I collect the limited edition bottles of my favorite Cognac!) A popular club is the Northwest Minature Bottle Collectors in Washington. They are an online club and have all the scoop on the miniature products. Bottles dating back pre-1980s are considered pretty collectible. They usually have a tax stamp on them which means there is a direct date on the mini. The condition of the label, the age/date, and the presence of the tax stamp are all leading factors on the value of the product. A 1950s 50ml bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII with packaging, for example, was sold at an auction in 2013 for over $1,300!