Tequila Gift Basket

What better way to relax during the summer than next to a pool with a margarita in hand? Patron has created the “Margarita of the Year 2016,” and we are honoring it. Behold, The ShaShaShake it Up Margarita Gift Basket. Pompei Gift Baskets offers a wide range of Tequila Gift Baskets. One of Mexico’s best expert is Tequila!!! Tequila with a variety of treats to pair: chocolates, cookies, popcorn, and more sweet googies. The sweet treats compliment the smooth flavoring of this tequila. Buy our Tequila Gift Basket!


Tequila Gift Basket

Tequila Gift Basket

This stunning hand-painted decanter is certainly eye catching. Since this bottle is not mass produced in a factory, each and every bottle is slightly different than the next. The bottle itself is made from white ceramic of a high quality and meticulously painted in the Arandas Region of Jalisco, Mexico. Each bottle takes approximately two weeks to produce. Matured for nine years, the organic Weber Blue Agaves are distilled with naturally filtered water during a special five step process. After this process, the combination is poured into American Oak barrels and aged for eight months which influences the smooth sipping of this tequila. The term reposado means “rested” or “calm” which certainly reflects this award winning liquor. To compliment the smooth vanilla and caramel flavors of the reposado, we have provided your recipient with crunchy cookies, sweet popcorn, and rich fudge. To bring out the woody flavor of this silky and rich bodied tequila, we also added a salty and crisp pretzel. Our faux leather basket is a stylish item than can be reused far after the tequila and snacks are gone. The sleek design allows it to be used in used in every room of the house; a cook book holder for the kitchen, a bath supply container in the bathroom, or to hold beach towels in the backyard. Whatever your use may be for after, people will ask where you got such a lovely item.




Tequila Gift Basket

Tequila Gift Basket

Handcrafted in small batches and displayed in hand-numbered glass bottles, we present to you Patrón! Skilled Jimadors, a Mexican farmer who harvests agave plants, work with a sharp tool (known as Coa) to harvest the finest Weber Blue Agave deep in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico. Once agave is uprooted, the Coa is used to reach the heart of the plant known as the piña. Like the Margarita Party Tequila Gift Basket? Buy it today!

A gorgeous metal & wooden serving tray holds the little secret gem. Surrounded by crunchy biscottis, luscious chocolates, and a shaker, a bottle of Patron Silver Tequila sits. Margarita mix and other goodies try to hide the tequila but you are smarter than that. You know all the good things are in the middle. You can’t wait to dive in!

An on premise compost machine and reverse osmosis system help produce the tequila base and recycle whatever part of the plant is not used. Sustainability. Once the piñas are soft enough, they are crushed so their juices are released. This mixture is then set aside for 3 days to ferment, distill and set in handcrafted barrels to reach a certain age. Patron is not just your run of the mill tequila: it is unique and some consider it to be a piece of art. Each and every Patron bottle is created from skilled glass artisans, right in Mexico. They are hand measured and molded using a percentage of recycled glass. The only thing about Patron that isn’t from Mexico is the cork. They are cut from the outermost layer of bark from cork trees in Portugal. There is only a certain time frame to make this happen.

So remember the next time you are sipping Patron, you are drinking art!


Tequila Gift Basket





Tequila Gift Basket

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition voted Avion Silver the “Best Unaged White Spirit” and the “World’s Best Tasting Tequila.” It ranked #1 amongst ALL vodkas, gins, tequilas, and white rums. Avion Silver Tequila has fresh scents of roasted agave and a clear coloring. Our tequila gift basket expertly shows off a tequila that’s taking over! The World’s Best Tasting Tequila will knock your sandals off!

Served to you on a stunning silver tray, Avion Silver Tequila sits quaintly with two shot glasses and delicious gourmet snacks. Savory treats like our flakey crackers, creamy cheese spread, salty nuts, and crispy snack mix help balance the sweet and crisp hints of pineapple and grapefruit while complementing the cracked black pepper flavor of the tequila. This 40% ABV (alcohol by volume) tequila is exceptionally smooth and very well balanced.

Avion Tequila, like many other types of tequila, starts off in the picturesque town of Jalisco, Mexico. Because of its rich soil, climate, and high elevation, Jalisco is a prime area for tequila production. In its highest elevated areas, Jalisco can reach 7,000 feet above sea level. Large temperature swings create a naturally sweet and crisp Agave, which is the base for the finest tequilas. At Avion’s estate, they allow the Agave to reach a maturity between 7 and 10 years. They are then hand-harvested in a traditional method by jimadores.

3 Days of being slow roasted in a brick oven at a low temperature expertly caramelizes the Agave which heightens the natural sweetness. The fermentation and distillation process is next by Master Distillers. After the distillation, Avion filters their tequila in an ultra-slow process. This removes the alcoholic overtones – or that tequila burn – most tequilas are known for. Because of this, Avion Tequilas take 10x longer to produce than your run of the mills. Each and every bottle of Avion Tequilas is hand-filled and hand-written with the batch number and bottle code. It can be a pain staking process, but that’s just what you do for the World’s Best Tasting Tequila.

Tequila Gift Basket

Casamigos Tequila was inspired by longtime friends George Clooney and Rande Gerber’s love for tequila and the dream to create a tequila that tastes so amazing it doesn’t have to be masked by with salt or lime. Their creation resulted in an ultra-premium, small batch tequila that is smooth enough to drink straight. Vanilla, sweet agave and hints of citrus on the palate, lead to a long, satisfying finish. Casamigos Tequila has received compliments from Oprah Magazine, the Robb Report, Men’s Journal, CNN and Good Spirit News.This gift basket easily says “Congratulations” on a new job, promotion, retirement, new home, engagement, marriage or college graduation. The Casamigos gift basket is also a generous birthday gift, thank you gift, “thinking of you” gift, get well gift or holiday gift!

Casamigos tequila is crafted from the finest, hand-selected 100% Blue Weber agaves from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, which has a rich red clay landscape and a cool climate that’s ideal for growing agaves. The creators and Master Distiller pay special attention to the details and choose more time-intensive processes, which results in a luxurious final product.The 72 hour agave piña roasting in traditional brick ovens, using a special yeast blend over commercial yeast and the 80 hour fermentation process are examples which the creators chose a longer, process to benefit the quality. Casamigos Blanco is aged for 2 months, resulting in a clean, smooth tequila.