The Next Fad: Cocktail Gift Baskets

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Cocktail Gift Baskets

This may be the next big gifting thing. Gift baskets themselves have become really popular; Mixology has become really popular. So what did we do? Put them together of course. Cocktail kits delivered to your recipients front door – super cool! Common drinks like the Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, and Tom Collins have all made their way into cocktail gift basket. Since we are a customized company, you can try out a Margarita Gift Basket with Patron or Casa Migos Tequila; or what about a Martini Gift Basket with Rum Chata & Jack Daniel’s Honey or Grey Goose Vodka.  Our cocktail gift sets are perfect for BBQs, Anniversaries, and birthdays alike. A drink mixer gift basket can include most of the necessities you need to become an at home mixologist.

Luckily for our local customers, you have the capability of having the gift basket delivery same day! Our products are all custom gift baskets which means we can help you create Daiquiri’s, whiskey sours, bloody mary’s, and many more. Basically any cocktail you can think of, we can create a basket for it!