Holiday Gift Basket Delivery NYC

For all wine drinkers alike, Pompei Gift Baskets offers the perfect gift! A Wine Gift Basket! We offer classic wine bottles in elegant gift baskets. Why not surprise that special wine drinker you know with an awesome wine gift basket! We carry a wide range of wine’s for every occasion. Unlock your recipient’s taste buds with a delicious red wine and treats to pair! #1 Holiday Gift Basket Delivery NYC. A bottle of hand selected red wine in a wooden and faux leather trunk filled with crackers, chocolates, cheese spread, chocolates, and more. Red wine gets its color because of the types of grapes used and the wine is made using the grape skins. There is a debate in the wine enthusiast community as to whether or not wine should be decanted/aerated (letting it breathe), or it should be consumed out of the bottle. Either way your recipients’ drink their wine, it should be enjoyed. To enjoy your wine chilled without it becoming watered down by ice cubes, try playing your wine glass in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before you pour your wine. Freezing grapes is also a creative (and delicious!) way of chilling your wine! Always free delivery!!!

Holiday Gift Baskets Delivered NYC

Chardonnay Wine Gift Basket

Holiday Gift Basket Delivery NYC

Chardonnay originated in the Burgundy wine area of eastern France and is a green-skinned grape that is used to make white wines. Chardonnay grapes are now grown from England to New Zealand – where ever the wine is produced. Dunnigan Hills, the vineyard that produces Toasted Head wines, harvest 71% of the fruit for their wine from their own estate. The warm days of Dunnigan Hills lead the way for lush fruit flavors that their Chardonnay is infamous for. Try the Golden Chardonnay Wine Gift Basket for yourself! Toasted Head Chardonnay wine has fragrances of crisp white peaches & Asian pears, aged bourbon, and butterscotch. A wine so sweet deserves a gift basket that is just as sweet! Accompanied in a strikingly chic metal container we have arranged for you wafer cookies, biscuits, creamy fudge, and silky chocolates. A gift basket is not complete without a savory balance so we have also included cheese spread, crackers, and sausage. Other snacks will be provided for the grand snacking experience. This Chardonnay will leave flavors of peachy caramelized custards and creamy toast with a hot finish. The cool breezes during the night from the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta help to keep the wines natural levels high, like the acidity. Grapes for this wine maintain their freshness and pure fruit flavors because they are picked at night. From there, they are gently clean, de-stemmed, and pressed. Once the whole process is complete, the juice is fermented in a trio combination barrels using American, Eastern European, and French oak. Barrels are hand-stirred for the maximal flavors – which lead to a rich, creamy texture – every two weeks. Toasted Head Chardonnay should be enjoyed with braised meats, Cajun cream sauces, or

Wine Gift Basket NYC

Two wines are better than one! Send a bottle of red and white wines to satiate your recipients’ different tastes. Red and white wines pair with different meals so your gift can be served right away no matter what’s for dinner. Two Robert Mondavi wines with gourmet cheese, crackers, nuts and assorted sweet treats are delivered in an attractive wooden box with a bow and flower. The Robert Mondavi winery was established in 1966 in the heart of Napa Valley in the To Kalon Vineyard and is known for its repertoire of fine wines. The Robert Mondavi wines included in the basket will vary depending on availability, season and the cheese/sweet treat pairings so we’ve included tasting notes for the different Robert Mondavi varietals. The Just Because Wine Gift Basket works for any occasion. Try it today! Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley begins with blackberries and dark plums on the bouquet, which advance to the palate with flavors of violets, dried herbs and a pinch of leather. Merlot Napa Valley has an deep aroma of plum, cassis, violet and herbs, which smoothly transition to an earthy palate with a enduring velvet finish. Pinot Noir Carneros Napa Valley boasts an intriguing marriage of fruit and herb flavors; blackberry, black cherry, plum along with thyme and spice. Momentum Napa Valley Red Blend has creamy flavors or milk chocolate, mocha, vanilla bean with a hint of tobacco on the nose, with black wild cherry and blackberry fruit notes to complement. UnOaked Chardonnay is bright and lively with melon and apple greeting the palate, followed by tones of honey and cream. Chardonnay Napa Valley has a nut and earthy fruit character of autumn quince, Asian pear, white melon fruit melded with toasty hazelnuts and a hint of ginger spice. Fumé Blanc is Robert Mondavi’s signature wine, created using grapes from the first-growth vineyard, which is renowned for producing the unique Fumé Blanc wine and some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon as well. This wine is effervescent with vibrant orange, lemon, lime and peach on the palate, and a refreshing minerality. Sauvignon Blanc Stags Leap has an invigorating taste with notes of restorative lemon verbena, citrus fruits, tropical pineapple and a light floral element.

Holiday Gift Basket Delivery NYC

Holiday Wine Baskets NYC

Holiday Gift Basket Delivered NYC

Mother’s Day, a birthday, get well soon, and nurse’s appreciation week are all great reasons to gift someone with the Sophisticated Snacking Wine Basket. The chic and rustic nature of this basket is sure to wow the recipient for whatever occasion it may be. Buy the Sophisticated Snacking Wine Gift Basket. Settled in a rustic wooden draw container comes a bottle of red wine. A tasty pairing of wine & cheese biscuits accompanies the flavorful Kendall-Jackson red wine along with zesty olives, flaky crackers, and creamy cheese spread. To compliment this grandmother’s attic styled basket is a bottle opener in the shape of a skeleton key: a beautiful prop that can be used to years to come. Red wine comes in a variety of flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz are just few of the many. Red blend wines have become more popular throughout the years. Some of these creative blends have caught on to become their own style of wine. Bordeaux style wines are usually Malbec based and blended with other types of wine like Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot to create a unique flavoring profile.

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Holiday Gift Basket Delivery NYC

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy an aromatic glass of wine after work or with dinner. Most people do not drink wine for the simple fact that they do not know how to choose a wine. It’s not always as simple as walking into a store, grabbing a bottle with a nice label, and leaving. Our rustic metal bottle carrier will provide you with the ultimate wine experience. We hand select four bottles of wine of different varieties to allow you to take a trip in your own kitchen and experience the different flavors from around the world. You will get a taste of wines from either the United States, Argentina, Italy, France, Australia, or another country! Four bottles, four countries, four flavors!

90% of all wines in the United States come from California, where they are known for their cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay varieties. There are over 1,200 wineries in the state which range from mass producers in Modesto like Gallo to smaller wineries like Bella Vineyard & Wine Caves in Healdsburg. Founded in 1857, the Buena Vista Winery was the first commercial winery in the area. To date, over 100 different varieties of grapes are grown all over the state. From all of this we have one conclusion: California knows how to make a great bottle of wine.

With so many different countries to choose from, each basket may be different. You may receive a bottle from BV Costal, Castle Rock, Jacob’s Creek, or Sterling. What’s wonderful about this basket is you won’t be receiving two of the same bottles and will get to reuse the country carrying case for picnics, family gatherings, and tabletop condiment holder.