Engraved Gifts NY

Engraved Gifts NY

It doesn’t always have to the the holiday season to send a gift to your employees or clients to let them know you appreciate them. With Engraved Gifts NY, we take the hassle out of this process for you. We create everything WITHIN your budget as best as we can. Everything from stackables, engraved bottles, to custom gift baskets and more are available to you! Don’t forget all of our prices include taxes and delivery fees. Just click the link of the basket you like and you’ll be brought right to the product page.

Choose almost any bottle and select one
of our awesome engraving features!

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Magnum Johnnie Walker Blue [1.75] – Currently $455.00

JWB 1.75L has won six Le Monde Selection Grand Golds and three double golds at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Blue Label was created to memorialize the original whiskey. That whiskey was created from all four ends of Scotland and then became the original face of the company – Old Highland Whisky. JW Blue has a velvety sea of powerful flavors like hazelnuts, sherry, oranges, and hazelnuts. The rich and smoky flavors of ginger, kumquats, and dark chocolate emerge before subtle hints of dried fruits into a smooth, lingering finish of soft smoke.

Engraved Gifts NY

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Dom Perignon Champagne – $269.00

Dom Perignon Champagne holds aromas of almond and powdered cocoa on the nose that turn into scents of white fruit and hints of dehydrated flowers. The aromas follow through to a chiseled palate that lingers with elegance. This champagne also has classic toasted notes before a around, mature finish. A hint of spice can also be found during a fine line of density and weightlessness of bubbles.

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Wooden Wine Holder – $30.00

Our wooden wine holder fits a single bottle of wine or spirit (standard size.) It can be branded with your company logo, picture/emblem, or text!

Engraved Gifts NY