2017 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143


2017 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143

2017 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143

IN STOCK NOW! – Woodford Reserve 2017 Derby Edition; Quantities are limited – so if you’re a collector, we suggest you order your bottle as soon as possible. THIS BOTTLE IS 1 LITER. The main event is scheduled for May 6th.


Proof: 90.4°
Appearance: Clean, brilliant honey amber.
Nose: Heavy with rich dried fruit, hints of mint and oranges covered with a dusting of cocoa. Faint vanilla and tobacco spice.
Taste: Rich, chewy, rounded and smooth, with complex citrus, cinnamon and cocoa.
Toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes abound.
Finish: Silky smooth, almost creamy at first with a long, warm satisfying tail.

Woodford Reserve Derby Edition

The Kentucky Derby is upon us. While I’m sure you’ll all be doing your cultural duty and enjoying the fastest two minutes in sports while nursing a glass of bourbon, you could take your fandom one step further with Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby commemorative bottle. Every year for the past 19 years, Woodford Reserve has commissioned an artist to paint the label for a limited edition bottle of bourbon. The artwork for this year’s bottle was created by artist Thomas Allen Pauly – who was also the designer of last years bottle and more to come! Did you know some horses have their own artist?

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2017 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143

As one of the smallest, and oldest, distilleries in Kentucky, Woodford Reserve Distillery is built on history. The site is where Elijah Pepper started his trade in 1812 and years later James Crow, a master distiller, perfected his whiskey methods. Today it was been regular practice to implement a sour mash into the fermentation process. The distillery is tucked in the hills of bluegrass and thoroughbred farms and is home to iconic copper pit stills, century old cypress wood fermenters, and a 500-foot-long barrel run which is fed through gravity. So I believe it is safe to say that Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey isn’t manufactured, it’s crafted. Let’s take a deeper look into our Sophisticated Reserve Whiskey Gift Basket!





2017 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143

For all bourbon or whiskey drinkers alike, this basket is the perfect gift! In a faux leather suitcase we feature a bottle of Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select along with salty nuts, crispy pretzels, silky chocolates, and other snacks! This Woodford Reserve gift basket is an elegant gift for a gentleman’s birthday or even as a bachelor gift. The container can also double as a briefcase, desktop paper holder, or as an actually luggage piece.

Woodford Reserve has a clean, bright amber color and scents of dried fruit, mint, chocolate covered oranges, tobacco spice, and light vanilla. The artisanal process of this whiskey allows it to pick up the flavor of bourbon from five sources, giving it a distinct taste. Full, rich flavors of toffee, caramel, chocolate, complex citrus, cinnamon and spices overload your palate and prepare them for the silky smooth and warm finish.



2017 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 143

If you ever wanted to visit a distillery or Kentucky, you should check out the Woodford Distillery! You can take a guided educational tour right in the heart of bourbon country or check out their events calendar to see when you can learn how to craft this delicious spirit!